Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Sale

Today is the day that White Pelican Boutique is having a sale.  The holidays are right around the corner.  Use the coupon code CYBER10 and receive 10% everything you order.
Everyone needs a good deal and a sale helps with holiday cheer.  At White Pelican Boutique you are sure to find a unique and one of a kind gift.  Here is a sample of what you can expect to find!  The boutique has jewelry, home decor, kitchen items, supplies, books and many more vintage items.  You will find things for women, men and children!
If you order now, the shipment will be at your doorstep in time for the holidays!
white pelican boutique
white pelican boutique
white pelican boutique
white pelican boutique
white pelican boutique
white pelican boutique
white pelican boutique

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amazing Colorado Artist

For our daughters birthday present we had a face painter come and design the girls faces.  Jessica Slattery-Quintanilla is without a doubt very talented.  She doesn't just do face painting, but also watercolor portraits and fine art.  My husband and I can't wait to have her do a portrait of our kids.  She can take your favorite picture and turn it into a piece of art.  This is on my wish list! 
For face painting visit her site
For watercolor portraits go to  

She provides a one of a kind experience that everyone loved.  Jessica was very relaxed and warm.  The kids responded very well to her.  This was a highlight of the party!
I know that when we save up to get the watercolor portrait done of our favorite photo,  she will be the artist we pick.
Jessica also has stationary and additional fine art to view.  You will be pleasantly surprised at her art.  Contact her about ideas you have.  Even if you do not live in Colorado, check out her site.  She very well might ship your items, never hurts to contact her. I love supporting local artists!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birthday Tea Party-She turned Five

Birthday Girl

So she is officially 5 years old and loving it.  The party was a success and not as stressful as birthday parties in the past.  This was a first for me.  When I asked her what type of party she wanted, there was no hesitation. An English Tea Party was the first and only idea she had.

So that was it, the next part was to see how many kids we would invite.  We decided that a sit down tea party would be best and to use my vintage china (my past thrift store finds).  At that point, I decided we could have a total of eight girls, my daughter and seven friends.
Waiting for the guests
Are they here yet?

We started our party preparations with the invitations.  I found a large selection of free printable birthday party invitations online.  She picked out her favorite and we printed them out.  The next day she handed them out to her friends.  You can find free invitations by googling, free printable birthday invitations.  This is a great way to save money!

My daughter and I had fun making the party gifts for her friends.  She wanted to have a coloring book based on the tea theme.  So I went and searched google for free printable coloring pages and made a coloring book.  We also made crayons to go with.  For me this was so much fun to do with her and she was proud of the gifts she made for her friends.   She also handed out thank you pictures to her friends.

For her guests
Her beautiful flowers
I then chose to host the party at home and use my vintage china and ribbons for the table.  This was to keep costs down and gave the party a more personalized feel.  The only thing we bought were flowers for the table, and with great luck they were on sale.  She kept them later and smelled them daily.
Vintage style

The menu was kept simple and kid friendly.  I made mini fruit kabobs (berries on a toothpick), for a healthy treat and to add color to the table.  I then made mini open faced turkey and cheese sandwiches and closed egg salad sandwiches.  Individual dried cherry and cranberry fruit cups were next to each place setting.  Then for sweets we served mini lemon poppy seed scones.

Finally, instead of a cake, I made a tower of birthday cupcakes with piped pastel frosting flowers.

When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday from mom and dad, she decided on an "experience," instead of a present.  Wow, how grown up.  So my husband suggested a face painter come to the party as the "experience".  The neighborhood had hired a lady to do face painting for the 4th of July event.  My daughter had loved it and we were impressed at the quality of work.  The hardest part was keeping it a surprise.

When my husband told her she was sooooo happy.  The face painter was a big hit at the party.  My daughter loved it and so did her friends. (I will write a blog about the wonderful face painter.)

The table was beautiful and the party was fantastic.  My daughter said she felt so elegant, like a princess.  This is when she melted our heart.  There is simply nothing sweeter.  This was such a fun party to plan and we are already thinking of next years!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Feature of the Week-Vintage Lace

I am not a frilly person, but I have a slight girly girly side to me.  I was drawn to these following items because of their beauty.  Yes they are frilly, but also have a classic romance to them.  What are they?  Vintage lace, what else!
Vintage lace seems to have a lasting quality and charm.  You can dress anything up using lace.  Add to curtains, a piece of clothing, lampshade or anything else.  The selection below comes from my shop, White Pelican Boutique.  Any additional information, including measurements and additional pictures are at the Etsy shop, White Pelican Boutique! Click on to purchase!
White Pelican Boutique
White Pelican Boutique
White Pelican Boutique
White Pelican Boutique

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wonderful Etsy Shop-Never too Old

There is a fantastic shop that you need to check out.  Never too Old is a Etsy shop that specializes in vintage gems.  There are several things that caught my eye that I want to share with you.  The first three are fantastic salvage pieces.  The first two are perfect for restoring a vintage bathroom or to create a vintage bathroom.

However, the next item I personally love because I had the Charlie Brown puzzle as a kid.  In fact, I still have it and both my kids used this puzzle when they were younger.  So I can say with certainty that this is a wonderful find.  There are five puzzles that are being sold as a set.  Even better.  Here are a few pictures of the set. You have to get it while it lasts, because his items sell quickly!!!!!


Happy Shopping!!!  Your going to love NeverTooOld at Etsy.  Just click on