Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feature of the Week, Vintage Spools/Bobbins/Spindles

Don't you love something rustic?  I know I do and really love these.  It was hard to list them in my shop, but I figured I have to be good.  They are wonderful to display on their own, but make a fantastic statement as a collection.  The rustic wood, touch of metal combined with the vintage wool thread give a richness to them.  I love the idea of displaying something industrial rustic in something smooth and polished like the milk glass footed bowl.  All the spindles and the milk glass footed bowl are available at the White Pelican Boutique.  Contact me for combined and international shipping rates, usually substantially lower.

White Pelican Boutique
White Pelican Boutique
White Pelican Boutique
White Pelican Boutique
White Pelican Boutique
White Pelican Boutique
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feature of the Week, Vintage Decor Inspired by Children

I personally love to decorate my kids rooms with vintage, as much as they will allow me. They are still young enough to go along with mom's ideas.  My son who is older, still likes the way his room is.  Yes the vintage baby items are gone in his room, sad.  But cool big kid vintage has moved in.  I love the look of vintage decor and decorate my house with it as much as I can.  I am not a big fan of buying new and never have been. The character of vintage and antique is unique, intriguing and wonderful.  Here are a few items from my shop, they are vintage decor pieces inspired by children.  These items can go from a nursery to a child's room, shabby chic, farm house, cottage and so much more. Take a look and browse at the items for sale at the White Pelican Boutique.                         Enjoy my blog? Love to have more followers!

White Pelican Boutique

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chic Antiques, A Boutique

 I want to let everyone know about this spectacular store, Chic Antiques, in Denver Colorado.  The items are vintage, beautiful and in wonderful condition.  The owner is a fantastic and lovely women named Sabine.  She knows her vintage, is easy to talk to and enthusiastic about her boutique.  She has an eye for style and can pick out some of the most beautiful array of clothes and accessories.  I could spend hours in the boutique and have so much fun trying on all the beautiful clothes and accessories.
There she is, Sabine
The pictures do not do the boutique justice, but will give you are feel.  The dressing room is plush and to die for.  Everything has an elegant and posh feel to it.  Your shopping experience will be one to remember.  

Elegant and historic building

Vintage desires fulfilled

Gorgeous chandelier

Want that night gown

Beautiful displays

I had the whole family with me at the time, so trying on clothes was not an option.  My daughter picked out a number of items for her "birthday" and my son loved having his sister try on hats.
Chase picked the hat out for his sister

Miranda wants this hat for her "birthday"

I can't wait to go back and walk out with a bag of lovelies in hand.  If you are in the area, you have to stop by.  Trust me you will not be disappointed.  Love vintage and antique?  My shop has a wonderful selection of vintage decor, vintage jewelry and more.

The boutique is located at:
1487 S. Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80210

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feature of the Week, Cartoon Glasses

I remember the Saturday morning routine as a kid.  Back before dvd players, you got up to see your favorite cartoons on TV.  I would sit with my bowl of cereal at the kitchen table watching cartoons.  These were found memories and my kids do the same.  Funny thing is, they love the cartoons that I used to watch.  So over the years, my kids have continued on the tradition.  Watching the same cartoons with a bowl of cereal.  By the way this was their own idea and Boomerang Cartoon channel makes it possible.

Elmer Fudd

Tweety and Sylvester


Speedy Gonzales

These character glasses represent a few favorites, that many grew up watching as kids on Saturday morning.  These glasses are a perfect size for your morning OJ or milk. Why not bring home a bit of nostalgia into your home for your kids or for yourself!  They are ready for purchase at my shop at Etsy
while supplies last.  Only one of each in stock.  Multiple shipping often equals a decrease in shipping.  Any shipping costs more that a few dollars will be refunded through paypal.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Here is my pride and joy, Lady Elenor.  I have been searching for her for ages.  Out at antique malls and online, only to just miss out.  Craigs list, again, always just sold.  Etsy and ebay, the same problem or way too expensive.  I can not tell you how long I have been looking.  But I knew she was out there.  Discouraged, yes, defeated, no.  I decided to take it to the next level.  Contact everyone I knew.

One of my ideas was to go on twitter.  So twitter on I did and how happy I was when I got a response.  Not just any response, but the the grail of all responses.  Someone in Colorado and near Denver, yes!!!!!
Rebecca at, http://www.facebook.com/maxandjaxvintage.  Her twitter name is Maxnjaxvintage.  She has this wonderful booth #68 at the Brass Armadillo.  She remembered a vintage dress form with a cage, down the Nebraska row at the Brass Armadillo.

So without any further information, off I went, with fingers crossed.  Was she the right style, how much, what condition and worst of all was she still there.  As soon as I arrived at the shop the following day, I went straight into the store and bee lined my way down Nebraska Row. There she was, in a dark corner, waiting to come home.
To be honest , I do not know very much about her.  All I know is that, Lady Elenor came from a dress factory in Kentucky and has wooden wheels.  If anyone has information on the date of her, I would appreciate it.

Why the name Lady Elenor?  Well, I am guessing that she is from the 1920's to 1930's based on the wheels and base.   Therefore, I thought of my mothers, grandmother.  Great grandmother Elenor.  However, I couldn't call her great grandmother Elenor.  So I decided, Lady Elornor had a perfect ring.
Love vintage and antique?  Visit my shop for wonderful vintage decor.
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