Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feature of the Week, Cartoon Glasses

I remember the Saturday morning routine as a kid.  Back before dvd players, you got up to see your favorite cartoons on TV.  I would sit with my bowl of cereal at the kitchen table watching cartoons.  These were found memories and my kids do the same.  Funny thing is, they love the cartoons that I used to watch.  So over the years, my kids have continued on the tradition.  Watching the same cartoons with a bowl of cereal.  By the way this was their own idea and Boomerang Cartoon channel makes it possible.

Elmer Fudd

Tweety and Sylvester


Speedy Gonzales

These character glasses represent a few favorites, that many grew up watching as kids on Saturday morning.  These glasses are a perfect size for your morning OJ or milk. Why not bring home a bit of nostalgia into your home for your kids or for yourself!  They are ready for purchase at my shop at Etsy
while supplies last.  Only one of each in stock.  Multiple shipping often equals a decrease in shipping.  Any shipping costs more that a few dollars will be refunded through paypal.

Enjoy the blogs, love to have more followers!!!!

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