Monday, April 25, 2011

Grandmother's Dishes

We had a wonderful Easter as I am sure everyone did.  The kids had a sugar high to end all and they drove us crazy all day.  The morning started with a Easter breakfast on my grandmothers dishes.  They are a treasured set that I truly adore.  She received this set as a wedding gift and took wonderful care of them.  This was back about 70 years ago, in the early 1940's.

I was lucky enough to receive the dishes from my mother a number of years ago and love to use them.  They are a beautiful pastel that my daughter covets and my son considers "pretty".  The table always looks beautiful when I use my vintage dishes.  It is fun to bring them out and share the stories about them with my kids.  They like to hear about the dishes and see the pictures of their grandparents.

The Easter breakfast menu was very basic, doughnuts, coffee cake, eggs, corned beef hash and fruit (kids decided the menu).  Even with the menu, the table looked beautiful and felt elegant and we had a great breakfast.  I tell you, when I put out the nice dishes, the kids all of a sudden have manners.  Maybe I should start to use them more often.  Something to think about!

This is a brief explanation of the Lu Ray company and the names of the pastel colors.  The Lu-Ray Pastel dinnerware was introduced in 1938.  The Lu-Ray name came from the company’s lead salesman.  He had been to the Lu-Ray Caverns located in Lu-Ray, Virginia.  This was the influence for the name of the pastel dinnerware. Their advertising of the Lu-Ray Pastel dinnerware was geared to the traditional June brides. They found that many new brides wanted the stylish look of the Vistosia setting and the Fiesta table setting, without the bright colors.  The Lu-Ray Pastel dinnerware answered the call, the stylish look, with soft pastel colors.  The four original pastel colors were named Windsor Blue, Surf Green, Persian Cream, and Sharon Pink. The Persian Cream is a soft yellow.  You can find further information on a wonderful website.

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  1. Wow you are so lucky to have such a lovely set of grandmas dishes! They are beautiful...

  2. Those dishes are beautiful! I think I'd want to use them daily, especially for breakfast! Yummy!

    And I remember going to the Lu-Ray Caverns long (long) ago!!

  3. Thank you everyone, they are more vibrant in person. I love using them.