Friday, April 8, 2011

Having a Cup of Tea

   I have always liked having a cup of tea in a pretty teacup.  However, it wasn't until my daughter started asking for tea parties and tea lunches that I really learned how fun and elegant having tea can be.  She loves to get dressed up and set the table "pretty".  I found out quickly that the children's sets are too small, even for her.

                                                Whitepelicanboutique at Etsy

   This is when I started to look at thrift stores and inexpensive antique shops for teacups, sugar and creamers and a teapot.  The wonderful thing about this collection I have started, is that not much of it matches.  If she breaks something, its not the end of the world and she feels so big using the "real thing."

My son even likes the tea lunches and helps to set the table.  He has started to ask for a cup of tea when he see me with a cup.  My daughter is always ready for tea and insists on a pretty tea cup.

   I have found that when I have tea, I grab the pretty tea cups instead of the big mug.  To me tea tastes so much better in a tea cup.  We even have more "manly" cups for my husband and son.

   Having a cup of tea is relaxing and enjoyable.  With so many types of tea and tea cups to choose from, it becomes a personal cup of tea, made just for you.  There is a large price range to fit any budget and the best place to go is ETSY.  So get you special tea cup and sit and relax for a few minutes.  You will feel so much more relaxed afterward, enjoy!

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