Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mom's Necklaces, Sweet and Stylish

Several days ago, I thought why not show some of my vintage jewelry that I love to wear. So I went and took a number of pictures of necklaces that my mother gave me.  I will create a post on my grandmothers at a different time.  She said that she had worn them when she was a "young adult".  Ok, straying off the point for a moment, since I am wearing them does this make me a "young adult".  I sure do hope so!

Wearing my mother's fabulous green necklace 

I receive so many compliments when I wear them, that I think they are more trendy now, then when my mother wore them.  They have memories and will be pasted down to my daughter, who can't wait.  I am sure when she wears them, she will also receive compliments.  This is the fantastic thing about vintage, unique, stylish and in a way timeless.  Now who doesn't love that.

My favorite necklace, funny b/c was my mothers favorite 

Ok, some of you are probably thinking, that you would only wear them in the evening or to work.  For me I wear them everyday, grocery shopping, picking the kids up from school, you name it.  Let me tell you a bit about myself.  I am a stay at home mom of two, thinking of home schooling.  I wear jeans, but never sweats, yoga pants or tee shirts, unless at the gym, gardening or hiking.  I hate shorts and love dresses and skirts.

My Mother's beautiful white and marbled Necklace

The thing is when you wear this type of jewelry you feel the need to pair it with something special.  A sweet shirt and a pair of jeans or skirt.  For me a dress is the whole outfit, how much easier do you have to get.  Put on a wonderful vintage necklace and you look and feel spectacular, no matter where you are going.

Her gorgeous necklace with matching earrings

The necklaces above are not for sale, my mother and daughter would never forgive me. The items below are for sale.  This is a small selection of the jewelry that I have to offer. Go to the Boutique at .  There is also a link to the boutique on the upper right hand side of the blog, just click a picture to enter.  I am currently offering, buy one jewelry item and get free shipping on additional jewelry items.  Please convo me to get the discount.   Happy browsing!!!!

White Pelican Boutique

White Pelican Boutique

White Pelican Boutique

White Pelican Boutique

White Pelican Boutique

White Pelican Boutique .

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