Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Homemade Birthday Party Gifts/Holiday Craft

Looking for a project to do with the kids this Christmas break?  Make crayons and a coloring book!  My daughter and I had fun making the parting gifts for her friends at her birthday party. This is easy and fun project to do together.  The kids love helping and are thrilled with the end product. Best of all the project cost next to nothing to make.
We gathered all the old crayons in the house, I had no idea that we had so many.  Keep the old and broken crayons.  Next we peeled off the paper and broke them into pieces. Then we put the broken crayons into similar color piles.  We then filled mini muffin tins half full of the broken crayons.
Preheat the oven to 200F.  Bake the crayons until melted, keep a close eye on them. Careful when taking them out of the oven, as the crayons are a hot liquid and can easily burn.  Let the mixture cool until solid before you flip the muffin tin.  There you have it, a set of swirl crayons.
The coloring book was a collection of free printable coloring pages.  Google free printable coloring pages and the topic, ours was tea party.  Then have the front cover decorated by your budding artist, add a back and string together.  Now you have a custom made coloring book to go with the swirl crayons. All kids loved them and we did as well...... She had a great time making the present, I had a great time with her, and it was budget friendly!!!!

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