Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Time in Colorado, Oh the Surprises

Spring is here, it is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love to see the first signs of green popping up to say, warmer times are coming.  Don't get me wrong winter is beautiful, but when spring rolls around, I am ready.  Ready for more sunshine, longer days, warmer weather and the farmers market is that much closer. Spring also has a gentle reminder that winter was not that far away.

Tarragon going wild
Beautiful Blue

Sunny Yellow
Ready to bloom

Snow, WOW

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where's mom !!!

Starting up a shop at Etsy with curious little helpers can be an experience.   First I give thanks, oHHHH so much thanks to my family.  Talk about patience from my kids and especially my husband.  At first my kids were saying, does mom look a little frazzled or why is dad taking weird pictures of mom with one earring.  Now they say to their friends, "my dad is just taking a picture of that for mom's shop."

I have been a stay at home mom for about eight years and they have always had my full attention, but this other thing has arrived, THE SHOP.  I wasn't sure how it would work, I'm not super mom (I think so -this is the hubby-).  Let's just say it is time to work on the laundry and the house a bit more.  Going to the gym, OH, I forgot about that.  However, they think it is great that mom doesn't make them pick up their room at night.  Hah, wait till I finally get my act together.

It is funny how kids work.  One day I worked on my Etsy shop upstairs in the study to get out of their way.  So what do you think happened?  They packed up their toys and both headed for the study and set up to play.  My son closed the door and said "Mom you need company and let us know if you need some help."  Later, my husband sat down as well.  So from now on I work on the shop where they are and everyone gives me advice.  My kids are hoping a few things do not sell, they want them for their birthday.  By the way Miranda says "HI" and Chase says "Who are you talking to"!!!!  

You never imagine what is involved in starting up a shop.  Finding the treasures is the best part, then researching them is fun.  Cleaning if needed I find rewarding.  Then taking pictures of the items, after you are done, "Wow I had better retake every picture."  This was the hardest part, but I think I am finally getting there or should I say my husband (wait until I send my bill -again this is the hubby-).  He has taken over this part and I am happy to hand it over to him.  The posting of the items has been very time consuming (I have a old and slow computer).  Guess what I have learned, work on the household chores while the pictures are uploading.  The uploading takes forrrreverrrrr, not kidding.

All and all it has been fun, exciting and exhausting.  I have learned something amazing through this experience.  While I have not sold a lot (my husband says, be patient), my family thinks I have the best shop out there.  I have to agree, because they are a part of THE SHOP.
Mi Famila

Saturday, March 19, 2011

From Russian with Love

   Ok this is not a James Bond blog, but it is about vintage items that I brought over, back when the Russian Federation was the Soviet Union.  These are pieces from my own collection and are from my travels there as an exchange student.  I stayed a majority of the time in Tallinn, Estonia and traveled throughout Russian, including Leningrad and Moscow.  There was a large russian military presence in Tallinn because of the Baltic Sea, the main navy port.  These items are what the military did use and are from 1986.  Most are in mint condition and never been used, the others are in very good condition.
   I have realized that I am not able to display everything and that these should not be stuck in a box.  They are unique and shall I say very cool (this is what my son says).  So I am looking to give them a new home where they will be used and appreciated.
   Want to take a few home with you?  Click on the White Pelican Boutique at the right and look under the Advertisement/Political section.  This will give you all the Russian items and others.  I may add more in the next days, so come and check it out from time to time.
Soviet Navy Buttons and wings

Russian and Baltic Pins
Soviet Navy Shoulder Boards
Soviet Navy Shoulder Boards

Soviet Navy Cap Embellishment

Soviet Army Shoulder Boards


Monday, March 14, 2011

Repurposing Vintage Jewelry

I just added a new section of goods to the store, repurposed.  The bobby pins and rings turned out beautiful.  The best part of it, was creating new jewelry pieces out of discarded vintage jewelry.  Many people are not interested in the old clip on or screw on earrings.  They are often passed up because they are considered out of date.  Well, when I finished with my new creations, I stood back and thought, these are amazing.  Problem is I want to keep some of the pieces.  Ok, so I know I can't, but they turned out better then expected.  I am excited to add more pieces and it was fun to do.  Call it being green or even ecochic, I call it one of a kind, beautiful pieces.

Sea of Pearls

Sky Blue

Little Asia

Nature's Green

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Starting a new adventure...

  So here I am starting my first blog, about myself and my new venture, selling vintage finds.  I have always been draw to vintage and their character.  When I am in thrift or antique stores, I am excited to see these beautiful items not discarded and ready for a new life.  Too often, these finds are sitting there on the shelves and considered, simply old.  
  What I love to do is show how well vintage items work in todays homes.  When you decorate with vintage, they become conversation pieces.  When you wear a vintage jewelry piece, you can be confident the women next to you isn't wearing the same thing.  The same holds true for vintage hats, clothes, shoes, handbags, you name it.  Vintage finds become one of a kind, often without the large price tag that goes along with one of a kind items. 
  For some, the chain store is a sure thing and hey, it came in a box so it is new, right. Of course the answer is yes, new.  For me it doesn't have character, history, age and wear.  These are characteristics that I find makes an item more of a treasure.  This is the appeal of a vintage find.  
  Consider this, when you buy vintage, you are doing a part to reduce your carbon foot print.  You are reusing and reducing what goes into the landfills.  You could even say you are ecochic and decorate with a ecovintage flair.       

Me at Old Mission Point, Michigan