Saturday, March 12, 2011

Starting a new adventure...

  So here I am starting my first blog, about myself and my new venture, selling vintage finds.  I have always been draw to vintage and their character.  When I am in thrift or antique stores, I am excited to see these beautiful items not discarded and ready for a new life.  Too often, these finds are sitting there on the shelves and considered, simply old.  
  What I love to do is show how well vintage items work in todays homes.  When you decorate with vintage, they become conversation pieces.  When you wear a vintage jewelry piece, you can be confident the women next to you isn't wearing the same thing.  The same holds true for vintage hats, clothes, shoes, handbags, you name it.  Vintage finds become one of a kind, often without the large price tag that goes along with one of a kind items. 
  For some, the chain store is a sure thing and hey, it came in a box so it is new, right. Of course the answer is yes, new.  For me it doesn't have character, history, age and wear.  These are characteristics that I find makes an item more of a treasure.  This is the appeal of a vintage find.  
  Consider this, when you buy vintage, you are doing a part to reduce your carbon foot print.  You are reusing and reducing what goes into the landfills.  You could even say you are ecochic and decorate with a ecovintage flair.       

Me at Old Mission Point, Michigan

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