Saturday, March 19, 2011

From Russian with Love

   Ok this is not a James Bond blog, but it is about vintage items that I brought over, back when the Russian Federation was the Soviet Union.  These are pieces from my own collection and are from my travels there as an exchange student.  I stayed a majority of the time in Tallinn, Estonia and traveled throughout Russian, including Leningrad and Moscow.  There was a large russian military presence in Tallinn because of the Baltic Sea, the main navy port.  These items are what the military did use and are from 1986.  Most are in mint condition and never been used, the others are in very good condition.
   I have realized that I am not able to display everything and that these should not be stuck in a box.  They are unique and shall I say very cool (this is what my son says).  So I am looking to give them a new home where they will be used and appreciated.
   Want to take a few home with you?  Click on the White Pelican Boutique at the right and look under the Advertisement/Political section.  This will give you all the Russian items and others.  I may add more in the next days, so come and check it out from time to time.
Soviet Navy Buttons and wings

Russian and Baltic Pins
Soviet Navy Shoulder Boards
Soviet Navy Shoulder Boards

Soviet Navy Cap Embellishment

Soviet Army Shoulder Boards


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