Monday, March 14, 2011

Repurposing Vintage Jewelry

I just added a new section of goods to the store, repurposed.  The bobby pins and rings turned out beautiful.  The best part of it, was creating new jewelry pieces out of discarded vintage jewelry.  Many people are not interested in the old clip on or screw on earrings.  They are often passed up because they are considered out of date.  Well, when I finished with my new creations, I stood back and thought, these are amazing.  Problem is I want to keep some of the pieces.  Ok, so I know I can't, but they turned out better then expected.  I am excited to add more pieces and it was fun to do.  Call it being green or even ecochic, I call it one of a kind, beautiful pieces.

Sea of Pearls

Sky Blue

Little Asia

Nature's Green

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